Friday, April 14, 2017

Pizza by the Slice

We are pizza fiends. 

Though, in our old age, our appetites have slowed to an embarrassing rate of no longer being able to annihilate a respectable pie size between the two of us. So imagine the thrill when we found out that there were pizzas by the slice being sold by U.R.B-- the Urban Research Brewery down The Grove! 

One cloudy afternoon, we waltzed in the large, inviting space and picked out a few slices to share. If we didn't have a multitude of errands to run that day, we probably would have imbibed, but the hot, cheesy pizza was enough. You guys, I love a good dough. And these pizzas have that perfectly cooked crust with a great chew. Ben was swept away by their pepperoni (he does love a strong pepperoni). So yeah, you bet we'll be adding this place to our regular haunts. 

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