Friday, May 12, 2017

Quick Celebratory Treats!

After a long and crazy work week, I begged Ben to come along and celebrate seeing the light at the end of a tunnel. He took me to Ted Drewes where he knew I'd be able to people watch while nomming on a Brennan Blend Concrete while Ben dove into his sundae.

The weather seemed to commiserate, finally unleashing a beautiful, color-peaking sunset after an entire soggy day. What a lovely sight!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Around The Loop

We probably don't visit the Loop as much as we should, even though there are loads of restaurants we love (Pi Pizza! Salt and Smoke!) and shops with amazing merch (Craft Alliance! Phoenix Rising!) The problem with the Loop is that parking can be a bother, especially during weekends when the weather is pleasant. There are usually loads of people and not enough parking, unless you don't mind walking (amidst noisy crowds). 

Our short visit started with lunch at the Three Kings Public House where Ben and I got a couple of quick sammies to quell our hanger. We walked off all those calories, window shopping along the way, until we decided dessert was in order. So we treated ourselves to frozen yogurt with all the fixings!

Monday, May 8, 2017

Clementine's Ice Cream at Lafayette Square

Clementine's Creamery is, hands down, our favorite ice cream place in StL. We visit their shop to celebrate, as a treat, and to be honest-- we visit a lot of times just because. 

Clementine's offers "Naughty" (booze-infused) and "Nice" (non-boozy) ice cream flavors, and Ben and I almost always end up getting the same Nice flavors even though they do add different flavor combos each time we visit. Our favorites are Gooey Butter Cake (chock full of gooey butter pieces) and Coconut Chocolate Fudge, both of which we had this visit. We enjoyed our treats while walking around the gorgeous Lafayette neighborhood, admiring the lofty buildings and boldly painted homes. 

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Lafayette Park

I've never really appreciated parks until I moved to St. Louis. Each of the parks I've visited in this beautiful city have a distinct aesthetic. This is my first visit to Lafayette Park, even though I've frequented many establishments close to the area. It was a chilly Spring day when Ben and I decided to take a quick stroll. We encountered people taking graduation photos, children feeding geese, runners, lovers, inquisitive photographers. 

The park is old (1851 dedication, by my research) and there are lots of old bits crammed with signs from a time long past-- brass works with intricate details, commemorative statues with dramatic signage, architecturally stunning bridges, remnants of hand-cut, hand-laid tilework. It was such a treat even just walking by.    

Monday, May 1, 2017

Tai Ke. Again. Yup.

We're unabashed about our Taiwanese food addiction. Two Tai Ke posts in the span of two weeks? Sounds about right!

This time, Ben and I went for a quick afternoon snack and decided to tackle their appetizer list and shared a dish of Sticky Rice Cubes, Taiwanese Sausage with Sticky Rice, and, of course, noodles!

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