Monday, July 17, 2017

Hello Kitty Cafe Truck in StL

When I found out that the Hello Kitty Cafe truck was making a stop in St. Louis, I pretty much flipped out. The last time I set foot in a Sanrio store in the Midwest was about 4 years back-- then it closed! So any chance that there is a Hello Kitty anything in St. Louis, I pretty much will jump at!

Ben and I headed to the Galleria where the truck would be from 10 am to early evening. We arrived at 9:45 with a pretty long line already formed, made up mostly of young kids and their parents. We waited a couple of hours until we finally reached the front, and I have to admit, the truck's meager offerings were pretty disappointing. They would have made a killing selling cold drinks other than bottled bow water! 

I ended up getting a bow headband and a box of macarons, which tasted decent despite them looking crazy ultra-pigmented. Ben and I then headed to the mall to cool off and walk around with my shiny new bow!

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