Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Tacos and Ice Cream

The Taco and Ice Cream Joint is exactly that. It even has that shiny and retro-futuristic vibe that makes it feel really like a "joint." The space is HUGE and full of color: it's in the ice cream, their displays, their furniture. We ordered our tacos from the huge list of options. We even got tongue, tripe, and cabeza (head? meat) Holy moly-- when the tacos came out, we were flabbergasted. Stuffed with meat, each taco was brimming! They also have an area for toppings and hot sauce, which we definitely took advantage of!

For dessert, we perused the fun display of ice creams and paletas (and yes, there is a corn-flavored ice cream!) and decided to split a Mangonada which is composed of mango ice cream layered with mango cubes and chamoy. 

Our favorite taco was the tripe, and all the others were just OK. We definitely have lots more to try, especially their ice creams-- I can't wait to try that corn one!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Saturday Market Scenes

Just a few snapshots of our recent market trip to the Tower Grove Farmers' Market. July means lots of tomatoes, peaches, and summer squash, so that's what we loaded up on. And books! (OK, we're always loading up on books)

Friday, August 11, 2017

Another "National Holiday?"

Two "national holiday" posts in one week? Uh, duh! National Ice Cream Day comes two days after National Hotdog Day, so this definitely was a weekend of treats! Ben and I headed to Clementine's our favorite ice cream joint in StL. We each got a cone (2 scoops, please!): I got Pistachio and Gooey Butter Cake (because, duh), and he got Peach Perfect and Blackberry Buttermilk. We enjoyed our cones outside, watching the evening progress and pretty grape vines abloom!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017


For National Hotdog Day (yes, it's a thing) Ben and I had dinner at Steve's Hot Dogs at Tower Grove where they were having a Buy One Get One Free hotdog promo to celebrate! 

We love Steve's, and have many fond memories of finding parking at the Hill location during a busy Saturday so we wouldn't have to walk too far in the summer sun to get a tasty hotdog. We love that they have other locations and now offer Mac and Cheese I'll admit that I come to Steve's for their Mac and Cheese more than their hotdogs. Don't judge!-- I just really love Mac and Cheese! (The Silverback is my FAVORITE. Bacon AND fried onions? Done.)

But on National Hotdog Day, we ate hotdogs. And they were really good. 

Monday, August 7, 2017

Pastries and Sculptures

The summer of 2017 has been hot, and I'm not being overdramatic. Temps in the past weeks have been up in the upper 90s, and we've had loads of heat advisories when the mercury rises to the 110s. It's not fun.

Especially when all that sunshine beckons. All that warmth and light taunts, then once you're outside, the humidity just kills you, and you turn into a ball of lazy sweat. SO! When the sun's out AND the forecast is for a bearable 85F, you bet your ass I drag Ben out for a quick, early morning walk anywhere! 

This time, I bribed convinced him to a quick walk through Laumeier Sculpture Park after we indulged in a late breakfast from Nathaniel Reid Bakery (which is super closeby!) We took a sandwich to-go (all their sammies are scrumps) and treated ourselves to a kouign-amann which we freaked out about because we'd only heard about it via GBBO. 

Laumeier is a beautiful place to have an impromptu picnic, which we did that day (and people-watching, of course) Then, we zipped through one of their trails (quickly, because the temps were rising!) Delicious and sweaty way to start the weekend, for sure!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Kombucha at the Grove

After a particularly grueling workout, Ben and I decided to treat ourselves to a snack and some kombucha! We heard about Confluence Kombucha from a customer who mentioned their kombucha flights. and I was SOLD!

Confluence Kombucha is a small but bright and airy place right next to the U.R.B. We immediately ordered our flight and a couple of treats: toast topped with the yummiest topping of figs and nut butter and a cute little chocolate truffle. I was so entranced with the kombucha and treats that I totally forgot to jot down exactly what we ate :( But they were both scrumps!

I took home a jar of my favorite kombucha that night-- Citra Hops which tasted like elderflowers and sunshine. Like, seriously. It's so refreshing and brightening!      
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