Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Kombucha at the Grove

After a particularly grueling workout, Ben and I decided to treat ourselves to a snack and some kombucha! We heard about Confluence Kombucha from a customer who mentioned their kombucha flights. and I was SOLD!

Confluence Kombucha is a small but bright and airy place right next to the U.R.B. We immediately ordered our flight and a couple of treats: toast topped with the yummiest topping of figs and nut butter and a cute little chocolate truffle. I was so entranced with the kombucha and treats that I totally forgot to jot down exactly what we ate :( But they were both scrumps!

I took home a jar of my favorite kombucha that night-- Citra Hops which tasted like elderflowers and sunshine. Like, seriously. It's so refreshing and brightening!      

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